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You Know It Is Bad When

Fall brings cooler weather and of course football season. For any overseas readers, that is “American Football” I refer to, not the round ball with 90 minutes of continuous play and very few commercial breaks. Being Sunday, I wanted to see what time the Broncos game started and so headed to the refrigerator. Normally we have several fridge magnets with the Broncos, Rockies and Avalanche schedules posted. You wouldn’t be a typical Coloradan without such info ready and handy.

Upon reaching the fridge, I couldn’t find the schedule. In fact, there were no schedules at all- a situation I hadn’t noticed until I actually needed the info. A quick check with my wife confirmed she hadn’t removed them (actually, she usually knows the schedules better than me). You see every year for over a decade, we are inundated with said magnetic schedules freely delivered right to our door. The local realtors always satisfy our sports chronology needs with these advertising pieces. You know the ones- a schedule topped with the realtor’s agency logo and the obligatory headshot. Or for the more Ward and June Cleaver type agents, the picture includes their family, dog, and a mountain backdrop typical of Colorado imagery complete with a saying like “Our familiy wishes you a wonderful…”

Generally we get so many of these adverts, we have to throw most of them out. (Some advice to realtors- don’t have the biggest magnet, with lots of wasted space. I always throw those out. Refrigerator door real estate is scarce, prized and rationed accordingly. A good realtor should know about scare real estate!) Then it occurred to me that real estate is bad enough that agents have ceased their unending flow of marketing chotchkes. Keep in mind that local Colorado real estate has been slow since 2002, long before the rest of the country’s housing bubble popped, and my magnets never stopped coming.  Without a constant stream of notepads, pens, stress balls, magnets and postcards telling me what my neighbors home sold for, how will I function? 

True, it is an anecdotal story without any predictive power. However consider it a confirmation of the news, a sign of the times and an indicator of just how slow business is.

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  1. You’re message sure resonated with me!! I too live in Colorado and have been waiting for the Bronco schedule magnet to show up on my doorstep. We always keep one on the fridge along with the Buff schedule. Recently, I gave up the wait and downloaded the schedule into my google calendar but it’s just not the same.

    Diane Brening

    Comment by brening | September 15, 2008 | Reply

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