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Poor logic makes for good sales tactics

I happen to be a pretty loyal Toyota customer now. We have two “Toys” and get them both serviced at the dealer. I’m not a do-it-yourselfer and I have had my share of bad service from non-dealer shops. Once upon a time, I tried to save a few bucks by using Midas for brakes. What I saved in dollars paled in comparison to the aggravation of getting it re-done over and over until they got it right. Another time, my non-Toyota vehicle had something wrong, but I didn’t know what. The local mechanic couldn’t tell me either because they didn’t have the scanner/computer/technostic thingy the dealer uses to read the vehicle’s computer error codes. So I learned to just build a relationship with my dealer and get all the maintenance done by them. You know what? They give me a discount, don’t make up repairs and the work gets done right with genuine parts. Saves me aggravation in the long run. While that is my experience, your mileage may vary, as they say. Continue reading

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